The problem isn't reluctance.
The problem is access.

We're signing up 100 East Athens residents for a vaccination event at the Iron Triangle on the afternoon of May 1st. Join our #100Strong campaign below.



Please fill out the form to the right to set up your appointment today. You can also reach out for support, information, advice and guidance. We're here to serve you.

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Let's be honest about what's happening here.

Many people - pundits from the news media, community leaders, and neighbors - are telling you that our black and brown residents are afraid to get the vaccine. That they have a distrust of the system and simply don't want to get it. 

The real problem is lack of access. Just like black and brown bodies have been on the frontline of this pandemic, just like we disproportionately serve our communities as essential workers, and just like we are at higher risk from the disease itself - today our distribution efforts have to meet the community where it is. So many factors play into whether or not someone has been able to get a shot yet, but all of them must be considered through the prism of white supremacy and community neglect. 

That's where Protect Athens comes in. Volunteer or get signed up today to protect our most precious natural resource: the people.

We're going into the community to get our neighbors signed up for mobile clinics that are convenient to them. We will assess the needs of the community as we work and strategize on how to overcome them: together.